Here is all the equipment you may need

These workouts are simple.  But you will need some tools.  These are what I recommend to make the most of our time together.

** Please note that I will get paid affiliate commissions from some of these products. I only recommend products I use myself.   

  • Kettlebell

    Kettlebell Kings

    A quality kettlebell is a must.  Powder coated is the only way to go. The extra money is worth it.

  • Sandbag

    Brute Force

    Rough. Tough. Read to take any beating you give it. This will last you a lifetime. 

  • Pullup Bars

    Titan Fitness

    There is more than one way to pull up. Choose the option that works best for you.

  • Mobility Kit

    The Ready State

    All the tools you need to fix what hurts.  Your body is a machine and these are the maintenance tools.

  • Shoes


    Everything starts with your shoes. These are the best.

  • Shirts


    Quality. Affordable . Good fitting.  The perfect workout shirts.

  • Shorts

    Ten Thousand

    No one ever complained about having great fitting shorts. Get these. 

  • Supplements


    No artificial ingredients. No coloring. No preservatives

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