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It’s been awhile

What a year 2020 has been! From dodging the Rona to introducing new life, 2020 has been nothing short of exciting! If you’re like me, maybe you got lost in the excitement? What better way to get back into the game then with some kettlebell action. Lets keep it simple. 5 sets 20 swings 5 Clean and Press 10 pushups 5 pullups Be sure to warm up and stretch beforehand! I’ll do about a minute of jump rope to get the blood flowing but shadow boxing, jumping jacks or running in place works too!

Sand bag pyramids

It doesn’t take much with a sand bag. Try to do as many of these as possible in 30 min. 1 deadlift 1 row 2 deadlift 2 row 3 deadlift 3 row 4 deadlift 4 row 5 deadlift 5 row 4 deadlift 4 row 3 deadlift 3 row 2 deadlift 2 row 1 deadlift 1 row

Jump for Squats

I’m not sure what I hate more. Squats or jump ropes. Actually, I do know. I HATE DOING SQUATS....Especially front squats! But I love jump ropes. So why not pair them both together! 5 sets 1 min jumprope 10 front squats Be sure to use a good weight on the squats. I’d recommend at least 1/3 of your body weight.

The 50-50 workout

If you’re looking for a short full body workout, then try this. It‘s SIMPLE. Use whatever you have. Sandbag, dumbbells or kettlebell. 3 sets x 10 Reps 1 set x 20 Reps Sandbag deadlift / kettlebell swing Pushups Total time is less than 5 minutes. Add 1-2 mile run/walk

Jump Rope Challenge x 100

You've used a jump rope before. It was probably one of the first pieces of fitness equipment you used. 2nd grade? Maybe even before then... Well, when was the last time you reached for this fitness tool? Think you can do 100 in a row? Try it out and then post in the comments that you have completed the Challenge.

Saturday’s are for sandbags

When I learned that I’d be spending the summer in Santa Monica, I quickly unloaded my sandbag and packed it in my luggage. I also grabbed a jump rope and resistance band. The beautiful thing about the workouts I share is that they are simple. And simple allows for consistency. Today’s workout is simple. 7-10 sets 15 sandbag deadlifts 15 pushups 15 shoulder press with band

1.5 Mile Run Challenge

Run 1.5 miles as fast as you can. Then post your time as a comment.

1.5 mile Run - It’s what counts

When it comes to running, my belief is 1.5 miles is plenty. There is a catch though. You have to run it as fast as you can. A simple way to measure, is by tracking your heart rate. You can do this with an Apple Watch or heart rate sensor. I’d recommend the strap that goes around your arm. My workout today consisted of me running from my apartment on 13th street down the #10 Lifeguard shack. Its right at 1.5 miles. Took me 16:30 min. That includes stopping at a few busy street crossings and waiting my turn to cross. I challenge you to run 1.5 miles as fast as you can. Once you done it, go to the CHALLENGE page and post your time. Good luck! And remember, when you think you can’t go anymore, you only hit 40% of your capacity. YOU GOT THIS 😎

Fix your nutrition for maximum results

Look...I don’t have to tell you that food is important. You already know this. I can show you everything I know about how to build muscle, mobility, and strength. But if you want to BE A TRUE BELIEVER, If you want to ELEVATE YOUR SENSE OF PRIDE, If you want the CONFIDENCE OF AN ALPHA, If you want to ROCK THOSE SKINNY JEANS AGAIN. Then you have to FIX YOUR NUTRITION. Here are three things you can do today that will have a powerful impact. LIMIT YOUR INTAKE - You can use intermittent fasting to help reduce all the food you have been grazing on. USE SUPPLEMENTS - Things like Shakeology and Beachbars help tremendously. You'll curb cravings and keep your calorie count low will still feeling satisfied. TRACK YOUR INCHES - Measure the fattest part of your belly and start tracking it weekly. When you start seeing results on the tape measure, you'll know it's all working.

Mix it up Monday

Today’s workout is a good mix of it all. 20 kb swings 5 rung ladder C&P 40 kb snatches Finish it off with 2 mile run/jog/walk

One Arm Delight

Just when you thought kettlebell swings couldn’t get more fun 😆 Today’s workout is 100 one arm kb swings. i recommend the following breakdown but you do you. Just get them done. 20 right arm 20 left arm 15 “ 15 “ 10 10 5 5 Follow with 25-30 min cardio of your choice.

S&P x 100

Squat and presses are a complete body workout. Your glutes, hamstrings, back, core and shoulders will be worked. Todays workout is simple. Squat and press x 100. Break it down however you want. Finish it off with 50 pushups.

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