Fix your nutrition for maximum results

Look...I don’t have to tell you that food is important. You already know this. I can show you everything I know about how to build muscle, mobility, and strength. But if you want to BE A TRUE BELIEVER, If you want to ELEVATE YOUR SENSE OF PRIDE, If you want the CONFIDENCE OF AN ALPHA, If you want to ROCK THOSE SKINNY JEANS AGAIN. Then you have to FIX YOUR NUTRITION. Here are three things you can do today that will have a powerful impact. LIMIT YOUR INTAKE - You can use intermittent fasting to help reduce all the food you have been grazing on. USE SUPPLEMENTS - Things like Shakeology and Beachbars help tremendously. You'll curb cravings and keep your calorie count low will still feeling satisfied. TRACK YOUR INCHES - Measure the fattest part of your belly and start tracking it weekly. When you start seeing results on the tape measure, you'll know it's all working.

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